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Concept implements the Finnish Core Curriculum’s objectives in educational spaces.

The embodied carbon impact is 4.53 kg CO2-e/m2/a, representing a saving of approximately 40% compared to a standard mineral based benchmark.

Biogenic carbon storage in the timber structural frame offsets approximately 70% of the total embodied carbon emissions of the Building. Considering this, the overall impact of the timber school is in the range of 20% compared to the benchmark.

The wooden school stores 50 tons of carbon over the life cycle, which implies that 190 tons CO2 are kept away from the atmosphere and stored in this building over its whole lifetime.

Highly flexible building system can be adapted to various school sizes.

Wood grain as a texture positively influences creativity.

Better attention and better reaction times.

Natural environments and wood in particular help reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

Why Wood Image, Wool 2-Storey Building Render

Why wood?

Wooden industrial buildings offer you the most sustainable low-carbon alternative on the market and are also known to improve wellbeing and productivity.


Our concepts show you a range of solutions that are cost-efficient to construct using a combination of massive-engineered wood products. The solutions are flexible and modular and designed for manufacture and assembly. They can even be made for disassembly and reassembly at the end of life.

The benefits of building with wood

60% lower embodied carbon compared to the EU benchmark

Smooth process – designed for manufacture and assembly (DfMA)

Can also be designed for disassembly and reassembly: improving profitability

Increased well-being and productivity in wooden buildings


Innovative timber-based components from sustainably managed forests

Eight industry-proven solutions for every scale, need and looks

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Start designing with Calculatis

Calculis Image, Computer Program for Structural Analysis

Calculatis by Stora Enso is a timber design tool that helps you analyse structural elements in products such as CLT, LVL and much more. The tool is free of charge and is tailored to different local market regulations, offering easy and clear parameterization, ready-to-use modules and illustrative reports.