Residential 8 storeys for highly industrialized construction


Sylvaâ„¢ by Stora Enso

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Wood-Hybrid, combining the benefits of a mass-timber load bearing structure with a highly prefabricated non-load bearing envelope.

Straight forward design principle that can be applied modularly and adapted to many sites and needs up to 8 storeys high.

Flexible for the apartment mix and types, combining spans freely from 3.5 to 5.5 meters without compromising the cost effectiveness of the solution.

The timber frame external envelope is thinner than equally insulated alternatives, therefore can increase the internal area buy up to 5%.

Reduces the carbon emission by approximately 22% compared to a mineral based benchmark in the whole life cycle (A1 to D5, 50 years).

Reduces the embodied carbon by approximately 29% (including all materials for the buildings, from foundations to claddings)

Proposes attractive solutions for self standing balconies that avoid penetrations through the enveloper skin.